Artist Statement

Artistic expression is directly linked to psychological exploration. I always push limits and break boundaries within my mind to unify self-expression and self-exploration. I am interested in aesthetically depicting how self-expression leads to self-discovery, which is often self-deception in disguise.


While my body of work is very diverse in medium, there are many themes that draw the work together. My portfolio features multi-media art utilizing materials such as copper, clay, paint, ink, pastel, charcoal, and watercolor. My sculptures, prints, paintings and drawings feature subject matter that explores the deeper layers of the psyche. Many of the drawings are portraits of myself or of anonymous disturbing figures, which I also consider self-portraits. These figures represent my attempt to personify intense emotional experiences. These experiences range from pain to pleasure and from mania to melancholy. My fascination with line work is evident in most of my drawings, but these lines transfer into three-dimensional space on my clay. The rich textures allow for a mix of both vibrant and neutral color palettes to tickle the eye with fascinating bends and unexpected shadows. The lines also tend to resemble folding fabric: another theme for this body of work. Fabric can have such intricate folds and bends while shifting to fit the form beneath or surrounding it. The human psyche is much like fabric in the sense that our minds are flexible and must adapt to our surroundings. 


My objective is for people to look deeper within themselves after viewing my artwork. I want my audience to become inspired to create and to be more conscious of their self-expression. Finding my artistic voice is a continuous process of internal exploration as it relates to the outside world. As an aspiring artist, I will never stop dynamically expanding my understanding of myself and others through artistic expression, and I want to lead others towards a fuller more integrated self.